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     As Interior Designers, we want each project to reflect the lifestyle and personality of our clients. 

redondo beach staircase



Redondo Beach living room

Redondo Beach Dining room

 We make a great effort to research each job to fully understand the needs of our clients, their desires and the uses of the living space or work space which we will create.

Los Feliz dining room




 Los Feliz family room 







Los Feliz master bedroom

As project managers, we provide an accurate time schedule for each project and an itemized budget of the costs.

     Along with providing the proper design aesthetics, we also pay special attention to the durability of our products in each and every situation. Safety and common sense is of utmost importance to us. We hope you will take a few moments to explore our website. 

Indian Wells, CA.  Vintage / Living Room 

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Richard Shinn Design’s work has been completed in many different cities;   a special feature has been added to show some of our work by city. 
Newport Beach 
Simply click on the TRAVELOGUE tabs,  then scroll down to view examples of some of our work in different cities.  

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